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Linear actuators & motion systems

Linear actuators & motion systems

Kollmorgen linear actuators and motion systems come in a vast range, there are electric cylinders, rodless actuators, precision tables and direct drive linear motors.

Electric cylinders are used as a substitute to pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, carrying the advantage of direct power transmission and electronic control. Such arrangement also allows to combine different mounting types, particularly to isolate the motor and cylinder from the operating area. This kind of actuators doesn’t require any special maintenance and are simple to install. Following models are available: N2-Series light duty, EC4 heavy-duty cylinders and EC5 that is the most powerful solution.

Rodless actuators is a type of moving carriage with a support linear bearing. There are two types: screw driven for limited space applications, and timing belt driven actuators that are much faster. R-series actuators are equipped with Kollmorgen stepper motors or brushless servo motors. Can be screw or belt driven. Max thrust is 450 N for R2 models up to 3114 N for R4-Series. Max speed is 2000 mm/s for R2 up to 3000 mm/s for R4. 

Kollmorgen precision tables are used for precision positioning applications with high levels of repeatability. DS4/6-Series modular positioning tables are available in single and multi-axis designs including XY, XZ, XYZ and Cartesian arrangements. Can be equipped with optional sensors and additional protection items.

Kollmorgen Direct linear motors (DDL) are simple and very effective. There are no ball screws, racks, pinions, gearboxes or belts. A rotary motor is directly coupled to the driven load. This solution requires no maintenance, provides smooth operation, improved position accuracy and high performance in a compact arrangement. 


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