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Precision resistors

Precision resistors

Megatron is a well established supplier of resistors used in a variety of applications. All parts provide long-term stability, tight resistance tolerances and have better resistance values compared to standard models presented on the market. Following items are available: power resistors, precision resistors, voltage dividers, thermistors, SMD or shunt resistors:

ASTRO2 wired resistor and ASTRO5 radial-wired resistors with wide resistance range for critical and demanding applications;

SUT 15w compact power resistors capable of working in extreme ambient conditions from -55°C to +250°C;

NC550 metal film model with a large resistance range with low inherent noise. The most popular model;

UMX pr/ecision radial wired resistor provides low induction rate;

UT 10w high power resistor can be applied in extreme temperature conditions (from -55°C to +350°C);

MAL wirewound 50w power resistor in Al rugged housing for a wide temperature range and max. voltage of 2200V;

MCV and MCU are flame proofed power resistors with ceramic body;

MZH ultra precision metal foil resistor provides high long-term stability;

MST shunt bare metal resistor for current sensing circuit applications;

MR metal foil resistor with a robust epoxy housing capable of working in a wide temperature range of -65°C..+175°C;

MFL precision foil resistor is an affordable and reliable solution;

MSI - SDM wirewound flame proofed (UL94 V-0 ) resistor;

MMP/MMW/MMU – metal foil temperature stable SMD resistors;

CPH – ultra-precise unit with NiCr chip;

M35, M247, M220, M126 thin-film power resistors;

MSM 2-fold voltage divider with water resistant epoxy housing;

MLD metal NiCr-foil voltage divider is an affordable alternative to MSM;

TM ultra precision thermistor;

MONO thin film resistor network;

SMB/SMA shunt resistors.


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