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A variety of permanent magnet motors are available for different industrial applications. Kollmorgen offers a wide selection of sizes and package types, delivering a broad range of performance and features that are able to cover the needs of any facility. 

Kollmorgen servo motors provide exact motion control. These units can be applied in different industry fields, they are durable enough to withstand extreme temperature conditions and are able to work in dusty or dirty environments. 

Kollmorgen stepper brushless DC motors provide quick and precise positioning. The following models are available: PMX series is a low cost solution with a wide range of sizes. Powermax II M and P series motors are the most powerful stepper motors. Powerpack K and N hybrid stepper motors provide more capacity in a compact design.

Kollmorgen direct drive motors provide high performance, require no maintenance, they work smooth and quiet and allow to make a clean mechanical assembly. Types: housed rotary (DDR), cartridge rotary (CDDR), high-voltage rotary (KBM), low-voltage rotary (TBM), linear (DDL).

Kollmorgen washdown AKM gear motors usually applied for food and beverage production facilities. 

AC Synchronous motors can be supplied with different options and used with a wide range of applications. Following models are available: ST/SN, KS&SS and special hazardous duty models. 


Key features
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— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty