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 Jumo electronic Microstat units are applied for temperature control within cooling or heating systems. It can be connected with  RTD temperature probes, thermocouples or collect current/voltage standard signals. The actual temperature is indicated on the 3-digit display. There are additional keys on the front side of each unit for on-going settings.  

 Jumo DELOS-T electronic temperature switches are used for food and pharmaceutical industries, CIP/SIP plants, air conditioning and refrigerating systems. The range of operating temperatures ranging from -50 ° C to +260 °C.

 Following models of thermostats are available. Jumo frostTHERM-ATE is a frost protection thermostat that is applied on the air part of air-conditioning systems for switching off ventilators, opening heating valves, and closing air flaps. Jumo eTRON T model is a digital thermostat for pipe tracing heating systems. ETRON T100 is another model of electronic thermostat, that is developed for standard industrial applications, heating and refrigeration systems, railways equipment and construction.

 Jumo electromechanical controllers do not require any auxiliary energy supply for temperature measurement. Following types are available: surface mounted thermostats, panel mounted units, explosion protected models, hot air and exhaust gas thermostats, dial thermometers, microstat controllers, contact thermometers and others.


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