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Liquid analysis

Liquid analysis

Jumo is a reliable supplier of the highest quality measuring devices and sensors for liquid analysis. The company offers corresponding electrodes, controllers and transmitters. These units can be applied for water/wastewater engineering, highly-purified pharmaceutical water, CIP cleaning, and water for drinking, swimming pools, and aquariums. 

Probes for monitoring of ammonia for detection of leakages in refrigerating units. TecLine Br 3-electrode sensors for bromine detection in drinking water disinfection systems, as well for swimming pools, service and cooling water systems. Both analog and digital versions are available. Chlorine dioxine measuring cells are presented with JUMO tecLine ClO2 and O3 models, that are based on two-electrode principles and are used for measuring chlorine dioxide or ozone in aqueous solutions. JUMO tecLine TC is a total chlorine amperometric sensor, this sensor is not allowed for detection of chlorine absence, so it should be used in combination with corresponding apparatus.

Azotic acid concentration and temperature sensors are applied for measurement and control of the conductivity/concentration of fluid medium. These units can be met in the food and beverage industry, bottle cleaning facilities, CIP plants, chemical dispensing units.

Jumo tecLine H2O2 and PAA sensors are capable of detecting Hydrogen Peroxide and Peracetic Acid concentration

Jumo also offers a wide range of pH measuring equipment, suitable for a big variety of applications.

Jumo tecLine CR sensors are used for definition of the electrolytic conductivity in liquids.


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