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Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.p.A.

Bonfiglioli started as a local family-run business in 1956. At the moment it is a global company having manufacturing facilities in different countries with distributors all over the globe. ​Headquarters is situated in Bologna, Italy. There are three lines of business covering big range of sectors such as Discrete Manufacturing and Process Industries, Mechatronic and Motion Systems and Mobility and Wind Industries.  Bonfiglioli gearmotors, drive systems and planetary gearboxes are operated and maintained for different applications, from food industry solutions to mining & quarrying equipment and machines. The company delivers a full line of hydraulic hardware including wheel, travel and slew drives, track drive hydraulic motors.


Bonfiglioli engineering division develops designs of all items engaging the vast experience accumulated over the years. Most of the parts are produced in house which includes also electric motors.

On the Bonfiglioli official website you can get manuals, 3d models and catalogues of items and spare parts.



Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty