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Products & solutions

Products & solutions

Dynapar is the U.S. producer deeply involved in manufacturing of different kinds of industrial rotary and incremental encoders applied in many industries namely oil and gas, steel, automotive, aerospace, medical and others. Incremental encoders provide accurate non-contact speed control for servo and step motors.  Dynapar provides a selection of optical and magnetic units with different installation options.

Dynapar absolute encoders measure the absolute or angular position of the rotating shaft. There are three different mounting options: hollow shaft, hub shaft and shafted. Mostly there are optical type models with one exception - AR62 / AR63 model is magnetic absolute encoder.

Online OnSite™ Condition Monitoring Systems is a separate line of apps utilized for equipment continuity monitoring. The Vibration Monitoring System contains a set of vibration sensors connected to the sensor hub. Next you can pass the data via wire through an optional speed output or over a wireless connection. All data shall be stored in an Analytics system that tracks the process on a 24hour/7days a week basis.

Dynapar Resolvers are special units transforming analog signals into digital. These apps are robust and capable to work in harsh conditions with high temperature, high amounts of vibration and contamination and this is the main advantage of these units in comparison to shaft angle transmitters.


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty