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Industrial automation solutions require high reliability sensors that are robust, responsive, easy to operate and maintain.  Di-Soric offers a large variety of standard and special sensors applied for industrial automation.  The company is an expert on such solutions with more than 30 years experience. Di-Soric sensors are used in many industries – from food and beverage plants to heavy metallurgical works. Specifically the following types are available:

-       Photoelectric sensors – are represented in a big variety of designs, capable of bringing a high resolution and working with different distances. This category contains the following types: diffuse, retroreflective, through beam, contrast and high performance sensors.

-       Laser distance sensors when you need to have stable results over long distances.

-       Fiber-optic cables and amplifiers – great solutions for cramped spaces and extreme temperatures.

-       Colour sensors.

-       Measuring infrared light curtains

-       Fork, angle, frame and ring light barriers when you need to provide detection of very small items, as well to catch small differences in height or size.

-       Ring and tube inductive sensors can detect metallic inclusions.

-       Proximity switches

-       Lever probes

-       Label sensors

-       Cylinder sensors

-       Grippers systems sensors

-       Movement sensors

-       Ultrasonic sensors

-       Contact sensors

-       Magnetic field sensors

-       Radar sensors


Key features
— one-day offer
— personal manager
— express delivery
— analogs on-demand
— manufacturer warranty